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An eager crowd gathered at the Dingo Australia display at the HRIA Convention on the Gold Coast recently for the official unveiling of the most powerful advanced Dingo mini digger ever, the Dingo K9-5. The new flagship of the Dingo fleet was unveiled for public inspection for the first time after months of rigorous testing and drew extensive interest.

Aussie Made, Aussie Owned and Aussie Proud, the new model is groundbreaking in more ways than one, boasting driver control technology never seen on an Australian mini digger and impressive power and push that eclipses anything that has gone before. Built specifically for the heavy duty contractor or equipment hire company, the machine is designed to handle the toughest jobs in the toughest conditions. The Dingo K9-5 is set to take limited access machines to the extreme.

Prior to the official unveiling, Dingo Australia Managing Director Gary Briggs addressed the eager crowd providing an insight into the significance of the occasion.

“I am happy to be here today to unveil the latest machine from Dingo Australia. Aussie made, Aussie owned and Aussie proud, it offers an impressive step up in power and technology, accompanied by the quality that Dingo Australia is famous for,” said Mr Briggs.

As Mr Briggs concluded all attention turned to the two new machines concealed from view under a covering of red velvet ready for the official unveiling. The coverings were removed to reveal two bright red machines with sleek lines, intimidating features and an impressive Australian flag themed artwork along each side.

Compact yet intimidating, it was evident from the crowd’s reaction that the next generation of Dingo mini diggers had arrived. The first machine boasted dedicated tracks while the second machine boasted chunky 20’ tyres. The piecing headlights and the commanding front arms gave both machines an individual look that immediately set them apart.

Dingo Australia Research and Development Engineer Mark Gibson provided an insight into the technical features.

“Our Dingo team have taken their many years of experience and created the ultimate contractor and hire machine. This machine boasts the latest technical features, lifts heavier loads, and looks great. At Dingo Australia, we are always working to make the most technically advanced machines available to our loyal customer base. Dingo customers use their machines in some of the toughest conditions and we are proud to once again offer them premium design and quality,” said Mark.

“This new machine boasts 3 hydraulic pumps providing an output of 76l/min, resulting in incredible push and lift in the front arms. The 27 horse power Yanmar engine has fuel efficiency and reliability,” highlighted Mark.

“All wheels have independent drive providing the capability to handle the roughest terrain and removing the need for chain maintenance. Although it offers significantly more power it doesn’t compromise on size. The width of the machine can be configured down to a very small 790mm to operate in the tightest of worksites and turning is not a problem with a tiny turning radius of 1300mm (when using a four in one bucket),” said Mark.

As per Dingo Australia policy, this new machine has faced months of in house and on-the-job testing by professional Dingo operators to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Dingo Australia Research and Development Engineer Mark Gibson said the latest release from Dingo Australia demonstrates their commitment to satisfy the needs of their customer base.

“A key part of Dingo new product development is our commitment to listening to our Australian customers and providing machines that suit their needs and requirements. This latest machine and the K9-2 were direct responses to feedback from customers. That is the benefit of buying from an Australian Company; you receive a machine that is purpose built for Australian job needs and conditions. Every day we receive feedback from customers on our website at the Dingo Australia Forum – everyone is invited to visit our website and see what others are saying about Dingo machines and provide feedback that will assist in the future development of our products,” Mark concluded.

To Give you a Idea of this Machines Capabilities watch this video of the LOWER SPEC MODEL and what it can do..

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